You Heard It Here First


Since New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has just received his Cato "B," I want to get on record now (i.e., early enough that it will be forgotten when I turn out to be wrong) with a prediction I've been making for a couple weeks. Bill Richardson will be the Democratic candidate for President in 2008. He'll be a good one too: He's a governor, he's not Northeast, he's likable, he'll be acceptable to the left, the moderates and the party hacks, he's folksy, he's even fatter than Bill Clinton was in Old '92, and he's got the "ethnic" wild card. In fact I'll give you two predictions for the price of one: You'll know Bill Richardson is going to be the candidate when he starts referring to himself as Bill "Perez" Richardson or Bill "Big Cloud" Richardson.

Get in on the action now! See my bookie for details.