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"You know, he grows heroin, cocaine, tomatoes that are going to have genomes in them that could, at some point, lead to tomato children that will eventually affect Boston."???

–Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, probing the limits of federal Commerce Clause powers with a trippy hypothetical during the November 29 oral arguments in Ashcroft v. Raich


Xenophobes sometimes seem hard pressed to decide which they dislike more: immigrants who don't work, acting as a drain on social services, or immigrants who do work, thereby "stealing" jobs from domestic workers and driving down wages. But the United Nations' "World Economic and Social Survey 2004," available at un.org/esa/policy/wess, suggests that neither caricature provides much cause for concern. The report finds that "migrants do not have a significant impact on the labor market" because they add to consumer demand as well as labor supply, while some create jobs through entrepreneurship. They also "tend to be net contributors to fiscal revenue," paying more in taxes than they cost the welfare and educational systems.