First We Take Manhattan


Gen-u-ine libertarian John Tierney will be taking the spot on the New York Times op-ed page recently vacated by sporadically libertarian-ish conservative William Safire. Sweet.

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  1. …then we take Berlin!!!

  2. hey maybe i’ll read a NYT again after all

  3. It’s a start, but I’d like to have more influence on the front page content. Even bringing back to ‘neutral’ would be a monumental achievement.

  4. Hell, it’s been years since Safire was even “sporadically libertarian-ish.”

  5. He looks creepily familiar.

    Did Kirk Douglas illicitly sow his seed somewhere around County Cork back in the day?

  6. Tierney’s a good choice — not a conservative replacement, but an interesting writer from a relatively under-represented point of view. By all accounts Tierney was the front-runner for the job, so I’m not surprised, but I am glad to see that he intends to base his columns on some firsthand reporting — both because his reporting work has been quite good and entertaining, and also because there’s a sore lack of real reporter-editorialists these days.


  7. Ah yes, the position for which my father (unsuccessfully) recommended me via email to the Times. Not that he lacks objectivity or anything. Sorry, Dad! Better luck next time.

  8. He looks creepily familiar.

    I was thinking Patrick Macnee, who played John Steed on the old Avengers series.

  9. I’m with you there Stevo, separated at birth for sure!!

  10. Improvement for sure.

  11. Nice Leonard Cohen reference….keep those song-lyrics-for-column-titles headers comin’.

  12. At last, the Old Gray Lady is good for something besides its crossword puzzles.

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