25 Years Ago at Reason


"A knee-jerk return to being the policeman of the world,…to manipulating the internal policies of other countries to prop up or install 'pro-American' leaders without popular support, is not an appropriate policy for a country professing a commitment to freedom."

–Robert Poole Jr., "Post-Afghanistan Foreign Policy"

"The SALT treaties bring us closer to the brink of war by continuing the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction."

–U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, "SALT-Free Defense"

"I was surprised to learn how few businesspeople knew about a private telecommunications network…operated by two private companies, MCI and Southern Pacific Communications."

–Mark Skousen, "Slash Your Telephone Bill"

"Murders and kidnappings take place all the time in American cities without evoking bellows of fury and indignation from the American masses. No, the motivation is not compassion or justice but jingoism, the feeling that the national honor–that is, the honor of the American nation-state–has been offended."

–Murray N. Rothbard, "Collective Guilt in Iran"