Gillespie Hadiths


Proving that the Chris Farley interview style is not dead, Luke Ford takes Reason's editor on an extended tour of his own mind. The Ford/Gillespie Q&A is guaranteed to leave you wanting less, though I still managed to be disappointed that Ford left his most interesting questions unasked. (So we'll never know, for example, how Gillespie felt about the way the Hutus massacred the "Tutus" at the Hotel Rwanda.) As it stands, there's a heaping helping of the topic that seems to occupy an uncomfortably large portion of Luke Ford's mind: the depravity of black people.

Of course, wherever black depravity is the topic, The National Review can't be far away. Ford's voluminous quotations from NR on this subject may or may not whet your appetite for this review by Eric Pfeiffer of Gillespie's performance at the recent Conservatives and Libertarians debate. The money quote (and trust me, we're not talking about a lot of money) is here:

Though I disagreed with several of his points, Gillespie clearly was the most comfortable on stage in delivering his argument. He certainly surpassed the Pabst Blue Ribbon swilling, Death Cab for Cutie loving, hipster circa 2001 image I had going in.

I can say with confidence that the Atkins-loyal, carb-phobic, hopelessly sanpaku Gillespie hasn't had a sip of PBR, or for that matter any other beer, for a long time. As for the rest of Pfeiffer's overheated imagery, only in Hollywood for ugly people could a magazine editor inspire such a froth of free-associating panic through the supremely transgressive act of wearing a leather jacket.