Dr. Gene Scott, RIP


My favorite televangelist, an L.A.-based, whiskey-swilling, cowboy-hatted theologian who would growl about piss-poor Greek translations with a babe on each arm, has succumbed to a stroke at age 75. From an obit in Macleans:

In some of his speeches, Scott would deliver complex lectures on Biblical languages to make points about the meaning of faith. But he also spoke on current events, sometimes lacing his sermons with profanity.

He supported the war in Iraq.

"Iraq is a threat to the world," he said in a 2003 speech posted on his website. "So kick the hell out of 'em, George."

Recognizable by his mane of white hair and scruffy beard, Scott never stuck to a conventional format in his talk show. He sometimes smoked on the show and once wore glasses with eyes pasted on them.

Unlike other televangelists, Scott's sermons did not condemn homosexuality, abortion or other hot-topic sexual issues. He argued such issues were a personal choice.