Anti-Cloning: Pet Edition


A California legislator wants to "outlaw the sale or transport of cloned or engineered pets," according to the Washington Post. This is ridiculous. If someone wants to spend $50,000 on Beamer, or 5 carat diamond ring, or renting an island in the Caribbean, it's nobody's business but his or her own. The same goes for people who want to spend $50,000 or so to clone Fluffy or Spot.

If I had 50 large to throw around, I'd be tempted to clone my wife's cat Jane, just to see if her evil temperament is a result of her bad kittenhood (she spent her first 6 months in a boys college dorm) or if it's encoded in her genes.

Besides this California legislation would apparently also outlaw cats genetically engineered to be allergy free. This proposed legislation is just useless, intrusive, and stupid.