No Sympathy for the Devil-Babes


Coop, the L.A. artist famous for his devil babes and hot rods, is not welcome in Clovis, New Mexico:

Stickers on a Clovis man's car portray cartoon images of bare-breasted female devils in sexually compromising positions. And the images have caught the attention of Clovis police.

Officials have charged 31-year-old Dean Young, the owner of a yellow Ford Focus displaying the images, with distribution of sexually oriented materials to minors. The charge is a misdemeanor carrying a maximum punishment of 364 days in jail and $1,000 fine. […]

"Once you look at the picture it obviously depicts a sexual act. That's far beyond what is depicted on the mudflaps truckers have," [state prosecutor Chris] Chandler said.

What's the offending image? Check it out … though I also enjoy the newspaper description:

The stickers depict one devil with its mouth around another's tail, which may suggest oral sex, according to the Dec. 12 police report.

Best of all is Young's reason for displaying such blatant tail-sucking:

He said he put the stickers on his car to protest a Clovis law prohibiting alcohol and beer sales on Sunday, something he believes is brought on by churchgoers.

"I'm offended by church people saying I can't drink on Sundays, so I put the devil chicks on my car, because I figured it would offend them right back," Young said. "That's not a government issue, because if it was, why not on Tuesday or why not on Wednesday."