New and Improved: Democrat™


Former DNC press secretary Terry Michael's plan for re-energizing the Democratic "brand" sounds vaguely familiar:

Jefferson can be an inspiration to our candidates, who need a better way to talk about religion and politics. Instead of mumbling about restoring faith to public life, Democrats can find the courage to say what we believe: We protect religious liberty by keeping God out of government. Our Founders knew that; there is not a single reference to God in the Constitution.

We need a new story. Here's rough cut: "Government: Assure liberty by staying as far away as possible from our bank accounts, our bedrooms and our bodies. Spread pluralistic democracy and free markets by example, not by force. Restore the moral authority of the mid-20th century civil rights movement, by fashioning public policy around individuals, not tribal identity groups."

Presumably because he understands this wouldn't fly with the target audience, Michael manages to scrupulously avoid mentioning that this sounds a hell of a lot like a, well, libertarian platform, but hey, whatever. If Dems are finally desperate enough to take a shot at trying to be the pro-freedom party, more power to 'em. Incidentally guys, as long as we're rebranding, have you consided maybe a better mascot than an ass? You could probably lease rights to Pikachu or something.