Choice: The Best of Reason Redux


C-SPAN's BookTV will be rerunning our November 12 Greenwich Village reading and discussion of Choice: The Best of Reason tomorrow at 12 noon.

Participants include your humble narrator, Senior Editor Brian Doherty (author of This Is Burning Man) and Choice contributor Joe Bob Briggs (author of Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History). The event was moderated by Onion staffer Joe Garden. A good time was had by all.

Details here.

And while you're warming up the set, why not buy several hundred copies of Choice? Featuring a foreword by Christopher Hitchens, an open letter from Drew Carey, and drawing praise from Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds to Buzzmachine's Jeff Jarvis to Wired's Chris Anderson to CourtTV's Catherine Crier, our new anthology pulls together our greatest hits from the last decade. Details here.