Heather Can't Have Two Mommies


Josh Claybourn at The Agitator has a good roundup on the Supreme Court's announcement that it will not hear an appeal challenging a lower court ruling that upheld Florida's law against homosexual adoption. As Claybourn notes, the tedious best-is-the-enemy-of-the-good rhetoric we're hearing—that the optimal environment for children is a household with a mother and father—is a thinner fig leaf for homophobia than usual in this case, since Florida, where there's a shortage of willing adoptive parents, is only too happy to allow (straight) singles to adopt.

It's hard to imagine a clearer demonstration that many self-described defenders of family values are all too happy to stomp on a child, if the child comes between them and shoving around a gay person. If I believed in karma, I'd look forward to the inevitable day these people encounter in a dark alley some teenager who grew up deprived of parents because of their bigotry.