An American BBC, and a New "Manhattan Project" for "Intimate Surveillance"


The Defense Science Board, the quasi-independent body that's paid to give advice to the Dept. of Defense, presented in December a long report and policy brief [PDF] on Stabilization & Reconstruction (S&R) efforts following American military interventions. Among the more-urgent-than-usual recommendations are a "revolution in strategic communication"; a "'Manhattan Project'-like program" to develop "more intimate, terrestrial, 21st-century … intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities"; and, shockingly (to me) an American BBC:

There is no reason why the United States cannot sustain an activity analogous to the UK government-funded BBC World Service, which has tremendous credibility around the world and serves as an instrument to promote truthful news and British values. Building up that credibility—building up that "brand"—requires a decade or two of persistence.

Oh, I can think of a few "reasons"…. More on this interesting report later, and thanks as always to the Federation of American Scientists for making it available to the rest of us.