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"My favorite politician was Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who reminded me of Tom Mix, and there wasn't any way to explain that to anybody."?

–Bob Dylan, in his new memoir Chronicles: Volume One, on conversations with Marxist friends in the '60s


The explosion of Internet dating sites has included several catering to different political ideologies. Libertarians looking for love can try their luck at LibertarianPassions.com or eLibertarian.com. Randy Randians can whisper hot passages from Atlas Shrugged to a value-compatible partner from TheAtlasphere.com. Left-leaners can share a candlelit tofu dinner with a mate found at LiberalHearts.com–which sponsored a contest to find a date for Dennis Kucinich–while the slightly more radical can "take action, get action!" at ActForLove.com. And if you're looking for a nice wholesome heterosexual who leans right, there's always ConservativeMatch.com and SingleRepublican.com. With any luck, politics may make some sort of bedfellows.