30 Years Ago in Reason


"The GOP is in fact a chicken whose head has been cut off. It will run around on its two feet, flap its wings, bang this way and that…until finally in spasms it collapses into final permanent oblivion. Whether that last will occur by 1978 or 1982 is immaterial; the end is inevitable."

–Roger Lea MacBride, "Happy Days are Here Again"

"The common denominator among [previous Nobel laureates] is their general acceptance of the Keynesian framework….Professor Hayek thus became the first thorough-going free-market economist to win the prize."

–Richard M. Ebeling, "Friedrich von Hayek and the Nobel Prize in Economics"

"Government economists, in the decades since they have taken on the task of ministering to the economy, have become adept at curing our ills by semantic redefinition."

–Murray N. Rothbard, "Semantic Trickery and Economic Health"