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Reader James Fulford points out that the American Cancer Society has corrected the misinformation about smokeless tobacco that I criticized in my column last week. When I looked at the relevant Web page on December 15, it said: "Some people believe that using smokeless tobacco is safer than smoking. This is not true."

The new version says: "Some people believe that using smokeless tobacco is a safe alternative to smoking. This is not true."

I'm not sure whether I can take credit for the switch from blatantly false to merely misleading. (Fulford notes that the ACS misstatement was also cited in a paper presented at a tobacco conference last February.) But it's nice to see a tiny step toward truth at an organization that many people look to for authoritative health information.

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  1. Jacob, you are my hero. Honestly.

    As a long-time user of smokeless tobacco, your articles have given me much ammunition against all those (read: anyone I’ve ever met) who take every opportunity to tell me that my using snuff is like putting a gun to my head.

  2. So at this rate it will be… like what? 2112, before they admit that smoking pot is safer than injecting formaldehyde

  3. Warren,

    No, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen till the Social Security system collapses. And joe has assured me that will not happen within any of our lifetimes.

  4. Good for you, Jacob! With all the bitching I do about libertarians’ unwillingness to take half a loaf and work for realistic change, I gotta give you props for this.

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