"Until You Pin Me, George, Festivus Is Not Over!"


Festivus comes to Florida:

When a church group insisted on putting a Nativity scene on Polk County public property, officials warned it might open the door to other religious, and not-so-religious, displays.

It turns out the warning was on the mark.

Since the Nativity was erected, displays honoring Zorastrianism and the fake holiday Festivus, featured on an episode of the TV show Seinfeld, have also appeared.

The Polk County Commission voted Wednesday to permit the Nativity scene to remain on the grounds of the administration building, across the street from the courthouse, but agreed to make that area a "public forum" open to any type of display.

This is, by the way, roughly equivalent to the solution I'd prefer in South Carolina's perennial battles over the Confederate flag. Let the rebel banner fly, I say, but open the same space to all the other pennants that someone might want to hoist: a communist flag, a pirate flag, a McDonald's flag…