Puppet Sex Redux? Or, the Return of Davey & Goliath…


Not sure if this confirms or complicates Reason Managing Editor Jesse Walker's thesis of 2004 as the Year of Puppet Sex, but the good news for modern man (and TV watchers) is that the Lutheran Church's only undeniably great contribution to human history (sorry, consubstantiation fans), Davey & Goliath, is back in production.

From an AP account:

After a nearly 30-year hiatus, Davey Hansen and his faithful dog Goliath are back to teach values to a new generation of young people. The Lutheran church has revived the 1960s-era animated series for a holiday special, "Davey & Goliath's Snowboard Christmas." The special–with a theme of religious tolerance–debuted on the Hallmark Channel last week, and will be repeated at noon Sunday.

Screw Zoom, School House Rock, and Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Davey & Goliath was the only intentionally educational TV program that ever delivered the goods. And now he and the dog are back in a claymationally epic snowboarding adventure that will edify and entertain like only the best crap can. Quick question: Does Poochy bust a cameo?

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