Let 'em Eat Steroids


More evidence that the oft-mocked, much-ridiculed Washington Times is one damn great newspaper: Here's a story from today's that dares ask the unthinkable, especially among the collective tribe of idjit galoots known as sportswriters:

What if the knee-jerk outrage over "flaxseed oil" is just that? What if the steroid sanctimony is utterly misplaced? What if athletes were free to juice?

In an eminently sensible, fair, and balanced piece (one that interviews Reason's own Jacob Sullum), Patrick Hruby comes up with some non-apocalyptic, non-apoplectic answers.

This is a performance-enhanced age, an era of Viagra-popping, Botox-shooting bliss. Wellness is the standard; better than well is the goal. Genetic therapy promises a brave new world of medical breakthroughs. New doping techniques, too.

Drugs are easily banned. Human nature? Not so much.

"I don't say this easily, but I'm getting to the point where as long as we don't legalize these drugs in society, let the athletes do what they want," [Penn State epidemiologist Charles] Yesalis said. "At least it would be a more honest portrayal of what is already happening."

Whole thing here.

My two ccs of Dianabol from a while ago.