British Detentions


An important development in Great Britain:

[T]he Law Lords ruled this morning against emergency laws used to detain foreign terrorism suspects without trial.

After a legal battle waged by nine Muslim men who have been detained at Belmarsh Prison for up to three years, the UK's highest court decided that an anti-terrorism law passed after the 9/11 attacks was incompatible with parts of the European Convention on Human Rights—partly because the key section only applied to foreigners and not to British subjects.

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  1. It’s the sequel to the Daniel Day Lewis flick:
    “In the name of Allah.”

    With several recent arrests there appears to be quite a few (recently arrived) “British Subjects” who are planning attacks on UK soil.

  2. Let’s see…
    Remind me again why we went to the trouble and expense of the Revolutionary War.

  3. Dude,
    If they get the hell out of Northern Ireland, I will look the other way at their treatment of moslem terrorists.

  4. The good news is that they can still detain people for committing the crime of speaking against Islam. Yes, please let the terrorists roam free!!!!

  5. The article states: “The Home Secretary said tonight that the 12 terror suspects whose detention without trial has been ruled in breach of human rights law will stay exactly where they are.”

    Well, that’s encouraging. It is ultimately for Parliament to decide whether and how we should amend the law, said Mr Clarke in his statement.

  6. I hate to state the obvious, but it seems there are posters on this board who need reminding.

    The detained are “susptected” of terrorism and they are detained without a trial. Either try them in court, set them free, or don’t lecture third world countries about the rule of law and all that.

  7. The other “Millenium Bombers” convicted & sentenced:

  8. Whether it’s a good ruling or not, I’m not so sure I’m into the idea of any society having people called the “Law Lords.” It sounds like they’d be above the law or something. Hey, is that was Judge Dredd was?

    But then again, this is the culture that gave us the “Time Lords” so I guess the fact that they have “Law Lords” as well shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

  9. Jarod:

    Maybe the best bad movie line in 15 years:
    “I am the law.”

    Stallone has given us so much. Only three good movies in 25 years: Rocky, First Blood and Cop Land. But the bad movies were soooo bad: Rhinestone. Judge Dredd. Tango & Cash. The list goes on…God Bless Stallone.

  10. “The good news is that they can still detain people for committing the crime of speaking against Islam. ”

    But he will get a trial, he knows what he’s done and he knows how long he’ll be in prison for if he’s convicted. I’m not sure I entirely diagree with the man either and he’ll be a martyr to his cause if he does get a sentence.

    The “suspected terrorists” may or may not be guilty, may or may not know what they’ve done – they certainly can’t see and challenge any of the evidence, and have no idea how long they’ll be held for. Apparently two of the nine are in a mental hospital having been driven insane to some degree from their situation.

    If they’re guilty, charge them; if not, release them. It’s simple.

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