Jared vs. The Grimace, Round 38


Reader Ari Spanier points to a Wash Post article about the new head of the Cleveland (Ohio) Clinic, a low-fat version of Wyatt Earp, working to kick McDonald's off the medical complex's "sprawling campus."

A heart surgeon who has cleaned out a career's worth of clogged arteries, [center head Toby] Cosgrove didn't think Big Macs, supersize fries and inch-thick, six-cheese pizzas belonged in the lobby of a hospital renowned for its cardiac care. So he decreed the fast-food joints had to go.

Pizza Hut went quietly. But McDonald's, halfway through a 20-year lease, has refused to shut down a franchise that serves 12,000 doctors, nurses, janitors, secretaries, patients and visitors each week.

"Our menu is something we're all proud of," said Marty Ranft, a McDonald's vice president. "We've got a great relationship with the Cleveland Clinic. We are not interested in closing" the restaurant.

Whole story here.

That's setting up a showdown by the Subway sandwich shop at Cleveland Center. And just like in Tombstone (or Dodge City), it's kind of hard to know who the villain really is.

Jacob Sullum–who makes a cameo in the doc–looked upon Morgan Spurlock's anti-McDonald's Super Size Me and despaired.