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The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting piece on "Podcasting," folks who create hyperspecialized radio programs for IPod users. The last word on this bleeding-edge phenom goes to one Jesse Walker:

On terrestrial or satellite radio, one can tune into a dozen formats or maybe even five dozen formats. But with podcasting, everybody is a format of one, says Jesse Walker, a managing editor at Reason magazine and author of "Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America."

"Podcasting is just making it easier for this new set of niche listeners and this new set of producers to find each other," he says.

Whole story here.

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  1. This is a great article, with lots of pointers to people in the Podcasting area. It’s nice to see Jesse getting credit for his views on radio and freedom.

    I’ve started a podcast on political blogs. I read from 10-15 posts a day, including Hit & Run, The Corner, Instapundit and others. Download some to your iPod or MP3 player and go for a walk!

  2. I’ve not read Walker’s radio book, but I’m guessing from the title David Sarnoff is not his favorite guy.

  3. I own a Rio Carbon and I’d like to get into Podcasts, but I don’t know which aggregator to use. Would anyone with experience like to share their opinions?

  4. Snake: You guess correctly.

  5. The FCC becomes more irrelevant every day. Here’s hoping it withers and dies.

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