Twisted Metal


Drudge has the email in which Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Edward Lee Pitts brags about having helped set up the scrap-metal question Specialist Wilson put to Secretary Rumsfeld on Tuesday, after reporters were barred from asking Rumsfeld their own questions. I suspect acolytes of the Dear Leader and his Wise Men will seize on this story as another Ratheresque display of media bias; I've even got a hunch that somebody will characterize this incident as "The Pitts!"

Pitts has been working energetically on the scrap metal story, and I think his convening with Wilson showed resourcefulness. Wilson decided without any coercion to ask the Secretary of Defense the stumper question. And the many soldiers who applauded the question make it harder for the increasingly shameless Bush apologists to dismiss this as another put-up job by the liberal media (though of course, they will dismiss it as just that).