Filling Rather's Void…


Via Drudge comes this Variety report that tragicomedian news anchor (and we mean anchor in the sense that he weighed down CBS's ratings for most of his career) Dan Rather may be replaced by a geek chorus of demi-anchors.

CBS is considering multiple newscasters to replace Dan Rather in the anchor's chair when he steps down in March….

The possibility of a second or even a third chair on the "CBS Evening News" set throws a new angle into the anchor-heir handicapping, but it also brings back some sour memories at CBS of the failed partnering of Rather and Connie Chung in 1994, a year before [CBS head Les] Moonves joined the network.

Whole thing here.

I honestly can't remember the last time I watched a broadcast channel evening news program but I hope just for variety that CBS at least tries to do something innovative and different–especially given NBC's stated intention of replacing Tom Brokaw with a younger, more suspiciously tanned version of himself.

Read Matt Welch's fond farewell to Dan "Frog and Side Pockets" Rather here.