25 Years Ago in Reason


"It is not literally true that Richard Nixon is a monster, but it is metaphorically true; and we can communicate a good deal of truth about Nixon's character by making the statement that he is a monster, which is a lie. So it is too with those longer, 'elaborately circumstantial lies' we call novels."

–Jeff Riggenbach, "Ursula LeGuin: Novelist"


"Critics treat Nozick almost as though he were the only living libertarian."

–J. Charles King, "Nozick Under Fire"


"Nothing could be better calculated to trigger the defenses of the bureaucratic monopolists in public education than the implicit claim of the voucher system that the consumer has a better sense of his own self-interest than the provider."

–E.G. West, "Challenging the Public School

"It was once fashionable to talk about the sf 'ghetto' from which any writer with literary talent–or, at any rate, literary pretensions–longed to escape. Nowadays the 'ghetto' constitutes the largest part of the paperback market."

–John J. Pierce, "Science Fiction Comes of Age"