No, Let's Pass Judgment


The Washington Post has one of those odd we-are-not-really-bashing-people bash pieces today targeting Julia Roberts. Roberts, as everyone on this bright blue orb knows, just gave birth to twins and named one of them Phinnaeus.

The Post's Paul Fahri compares Phinnaeus to Methuselah or Obadiah, but not, supposedly, in a bad way.

Celebrity baby names these days are very . . . different. We say this not to pass judgment, but to point out one more way celebrities are not like the rest of us.

Bullshit. We are talking about this because Roberts named her kid Phinnaeus. That is some funny shit. Celebrities are exactly like "the rest of us" in that they do dopey stuff all the damn time.

The only difference might be that celeb hangers-on are afraid to point and laugh when they do.