Media Scandals: French Edition


The editor of Le Monde resigned yesterday. Doug Ireland gives the background here and here.

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  1. Adam Gopnik had a pretty interesting piece about this in The New Yorker three or so weeks ago (it’s not online). I disagreed with many of his interpretations, but the comparisons that the Le Monde editors made between the NYT & Beeb scandals were interesting.

  2. “We must take as our point of departure that our readers are correct in expressing a desire for a more exigent attitude on our part. Their unhappiness is the expression of an expectation which we must consider legitimate.”

    The legitimate expressed desire in question was a decline in circulation. I haven’t read of anyone referring to market forces as legitimate or illegitimate for a long time, but, then again, I don’t read whatever it is that the Communists are writing anymore.

  3. Ken,

    Lib?ration is the communist paper in France (which is in even deeper financial distress than Le Monde), Le Monde is just left-wing. At this point, of the “big three,” only Le Figaro may survive.


    If you can get a copy of La face cachee du Monde you should; its a real page turner.

  4. Wow: a scrum of French journalists, Trotskyites, and a Communist union. Let’s hope there’s a scenario in which everyone involved loses….

  5. PapayaSF,

    The most interesting character is the capitalist, globalist financier Minc, who appears to be ready to take over Le Monde.

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