Dumb Blonde Law


Ananova reports that Hungary–land of the Gabor sisters–is set to debate a law banning jokes about dumb blondes.

[A] spokeswoman [for the ban]…said: "Blondes face discrimination in the job market, in the workplace when they get a job, and even on the streets.

"People are banned from discriminating against Jews, or blacks, so why not grant blondes the same protection."

[A] petition was handed to the equal opportunities minister Kinga Goncz asking her to investigate whether jokes about blondes fall into the same category as religious discrimination.

Whole thing here.

Reason's own easily offended (and offensive) Tim Cavanaugh surveyed the United States' always bullish anti-umbrage industry here.

[Tip of the hat to Freedom News Daily.]

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  1. As more and more leap through the looking glass into politically incorrect cyberspace (such as here on Hit & Run), it’s no surprise that the real world is populated more and more by nobody but Hungarian politicians and dumb blondes.

  2. I think it was Zsa Zsa who slapped a police officer a few years ago. She should make the Reason hall of fame on principle for literally striking a blow against the excessive, power abusing tendencies of law enforcement.

  3. Zsa Zsa is already in the Reason hall of fame for steadfastly serving as Merv’s beard all those years.

  4. So would the ban apply to all blondes or just real blondes? It seems to me that if someone colors their hair, there’s a certain amount of assumption of risk.

  5. Man, the memories of watching the Merv Griffin Show in elementary school flood back…I liked Merv’s under-his-breath Gene Hackmanesque laugh.

  6. Hey, all I can say is, this is my one chance for victimhood. I’ll never get another. Don’t blow it for me.

  7. What does a blonde say after sex?

    “Are all you guys on the same team?”

    Now would that joke be OK? It doesn’t really address the intelligence stereotyp that is so negative, so much as it goes to the “blondes have more fun” stereotype.

    Can someone run that one by the Hungarians

  8. Why don’t blondes like to eat pickles?

    They get their head stuck in the jar.

  9. I ran this story by my blonde ex-girlfriend. She said it was shocking: “It’s like that book I read by that guy George Orwell, you know, ‘One Thousand Nine-hundred Eighty Four'”.

  10. …or the blonde with two dogs, Rolex and Timex? Her friend asks what kind of names are those for dogs. The blonde says, “Hellooooooo, they’re WATCH dogs!

  11. Before this thread goes completely to pot, answer this:
    To be blonde, must the collar match the cuff, as it were?

  12. “Zsa Zsa is already in the Reason hall of fame for steadfastly serving as Merv’s beard all those years.”

    Brave talk, Cavanaugh. Just try getting a hotel room in this town now, buster!

    And are you saying Merv wasn’t really fascinated by Charro’s breasts?

  13. I’ve met a few Hungarian ex-patriates. Generally very bright and accomplished people, but there’s something very old world about them, I don’t know what it is exactly.

  14. This is great. I’ve always said that the only way we’ll get rid of affirmative action and other such racial nonsense is to simply make more and more people victims until everyone is a minority and we’re all equal.

  15. but there’s something very old world about them, I don’t know what it is exactly.

    Are you responding to:

    To be blonde, must the collar match the cuff, as it were?

  16. This one used to net me HUGE tips when I was a college student working in bars in the bad parts of town: Why don’t blondes like using vibrators? Because they keep chipping their teeth.

  17. A cop pulls over a blonde on the highway, and says, “License and registration, please.” The blonde says, “License? What’s that?” The cop says, “It’s probably in your purse. It’s rectangular, about so big, has your picture on it…” So she digs through her purse and hands him a pocket mirror.

    The cop looks at it and hands it back, saying, “If I’d known you were a cop, I wouldn’t have pulled you over.”

    Now I just need to figure out if I’m a brave freedom fighter for telling a blonde joke, or just some guy telling a cop joke…

  18. Rev. Goiter,
    I’m referring to the relation of hues betwixt topmast and bottom.

    Your patriotic opinion?

  19. Ahem, the proper format of the question is: do the drapes match the carpeting?

  20. I understand its all the rage in 2004 to have the carpeting removed….does that mess up the equations above?

  21. “… and as we all know, blondes have a reputation for being dumb … which is just a stereo system.” –Kelly Bundy

  22. At a party I once mentioned to a blonde that a certain man was a herpetologist, and she asked “What’ll he do if they find a cure?”…

  23. Steve in Clearwater,
    Don’t care for hardwood floors.

  24. “Don’t care for hardwood floors?”

    What are you talking about man? There is no need for any rug there whatsoever, no landing strip, no little trail nothing.

  25. kwais,
    Yea, verily, where I deign to put a little throw rug, no woman (nor man) shall shave asunder!

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