When Geezers Rock the Earth


The editors at Rolling Stone have handed down the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, by which they mean the songs that we are declaring great in order to cover our collective asses for 35 years of being wrong about everything, except, possibly, how important we are.

The top 20 alone is a wonderful baby-boomer retro land with the newest track of 1991 vintage. And guess what RS declared "voice of a generation" penned that number? Hint: click-click splatter.

Better still, the list boasts exactly three (3) tracks since 2000 and two of them by Eminem. Quality.

The list can be sorted by different fields which yields the inescapable result that the Reagan years delivered such a shock to the RS mindset that it never really recovered.

And really, what about some Hawkwind or Marillion?