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A 1970 Roger Ebert interview with Lee Marvin. Where's that fucking beer, baby! (Link via Metafilter.)

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  1. I wouldn’t really call that an interview, per se, but I thought it was a great piece, nonetheless.

  2. Fantastic. I wonder if this was introduced as evidence in the palimony suit? If Ebert’s depiction is even halfway accurate, Michelle would have to have been retarded to think Marvin would take care of her for the rest of her life.

    This article is tied in to the rerelease of Big Red One, which I just saw on TV recently, and I’m amazed nobody has figured out one important detail of that movie: The delivery of the baby in the tank is a sublimated gang rape. Evidence: A group of soldiers comes across a beautiful French girl just as her husband or boyfriend is conveniently dying of a gunshot wound. They take her into a confined space and restrain her while she moans like a whore (those ecstatic noises she’s making sound nothing like the agonized screaming labor produces). As all the soldiers join in the fun, her moaning reaches its climax and the “baby” is delivered. 36 years later a filmmaker commemorates the event in a way that’s palatable to a general audience.

    You don’t have to believe it of course, but that reading makes a whole lot more sense to me than that an actual veteran would throw an old Odd Couple gag into a hard-bitten war picture.

  3. Ah, Lee Marvin. What a guy!

    And just where IS that fucking beer?

  4. “I never talked to Newman in my life. No, I talked to him on Park Avenue once. Only to give him a piece of advice. This fifteen-year-old girl wanted his autograph. He told her he didn’t give autographs, but he’d buy her a beer. Paul, I said, She’s only fifteen. I don’t give a shit, he said.”

    I knew it!

    …Actually, I wouldn’t believe a thing he said.

    I’d say they don’t make ’em like Lee Marvin anymore, but I don’t think that’s true; it’s just hard to find a girl like Michelle nowadays.

    To think he turned down the lead in Deliverance; he could have saved us all from Reynolds, the selfish bastard.

    …Marvin–not Reynolds!

  5. Hopeless non-sequitor (but in the category of film):

    “Alexander” dust-up –

    ATHENS – A group of Greek lawyers are threatening to sue Warner Bros film studios and Oliver Stone, director of the widely anticipated film ?Alexander,? for suggesting Alexander the Great was bisexual.

    The lawyers have already sent an extrajudicial note to the studio and director demanding they include a reference in the title credits saying his movie is a fictional tale and not based on official documents of the life of the Macedonian ruler.

    Varnakaos said as Stone has the right to freely express himself, the audience should have the right to know.


    Yeah, he has a right express himself as long as he expresses himself the way they want him to; the fucking jackasses.

  6. The Big Red One, even more so than Steel Helmet, was autobiographical, it wouldn’t surprise me if Fuller was doing it just like you said Tim. If I was him, I wouldn’t want to implicate myself in something like that either…

    …but I wouldn’t put it past Fuller to put some strange things in his films.

    I saw Tarantino claim Fuller as a big influence, Lynch should too.

  7. Ebert was a wild man in those days, too, writing scripts for Russ Meyer and banging Meyer’s startlets … lucky bastard.

  8. I don’t know, I kind of liked it.

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