The Economist (subscribers) reports on the upcoming meeting of the Working Group on Internet Governance. There's plenty to criticize about ICANN, the private group that now sets technical standards for the net and is slated to become fully independent from the U.S. government in 2006. But the fact that such good friends of unfettered online expression as China are among those clamoring loudest for some other form of international oversight should, all by itself, be a pretty potent argument against it.

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  1. Many folks never outgrow their obsession for governing.
    I guess it’s because, considering their lower intelligence, the pay is pretty good. Plus no manual labor is involved.

  2. The IETF seems to be doing a fine job at setting the technical standards for the Internet without actually governing it at all.

    Kofi’s first step into the abyss:

    “– Develop a working definition of Internet governance”

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