Less-Than-Dear Leader (Veiled Subscription Pitch)


There's a new day dawning in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, according to the Washington Times, which is reporting that Kim Jong-il has ordered the removal of his portraits from all over the place. The "Dear Leader" designation also seems to be going in the crapper, too:

Mr. Kim's portraits have long been ubiquitous in homes, offices and public buildings across North Korea, where they have hung prominently beside a picture of his father….

South Korean government officials said they had not noticed any distinct change in North Korea. But some North Korea watchers said the removal of portraits could signal a political change.

"If confirmed, it signals a major change in North Korea because Kim Jong-il is the only person who can order the removal of his portraits," Korea University professor Yoo Ho-yul said.

Whole story here.

No one has any good reason why the pictures are being pulled, but my personal theory: It's got something to do with Team America: World Police.

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And you'd also be first in line to read about why the recent widely praised Supreme Court rulings on enemy combatants are bad for civil liberties, how low-cost European airlines are transforming European identity (and leaving U.S. carriers in the dust), and how the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security are riddled with resume-padding phonies.

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