Have a BVM With Your BLT


The miraculous apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich (now available on eBay!) reminds me of an older tale. Willie Nelson told it in the liner notes to the CD reissue of Yesterday's Wine:

Just last year one of those supermarket newspapers had a full-page story about the face of Jesus suddenly appearing on the outside wall of a grocery store in South America after a dramatic rainstorm. Hundreds of people came to pray to the image of Jesus, and some of the sick went away cured. A few days later, following another rainstorm, a new figure appeared on the wall beside Jesus. It was Julio Iglesias.

What had happened, the rain had washed off the coat of whitewash that had covered a poster for "To All the Girls I've Loved Before."

The supermarket headline said:


For whatever it's worth, this yarn bears a striking resemblance to an episode of The John Larroquette Show.