"less predictable and more interesting"; "an oasis of sharp writing"; "a fresh and nuanced antidote"… (veiled subscription pitch)


To what magazine do the above quotes refer?

Why, Reason, of course.

"Reason is less predictable and more interesting than any other political magazine I read"–Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.com

"Reason is an oasis of sharp writing and sensible political discourse in a time dominated by I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I-manship, a respite for those who are weary of the reactionary pod-people screams emanating from both the left and the right."–Joe Garden, The Onion

"In an era of smash-mouth, left vs. right political discourse, the libertarian Reason is a fresh and nuanced antidote–The Chicago Tribune, "The 50 Best Magazines of 2004"

You can subscribe to a year's worth of the print edition (or renew your existing sub!) and get a copy of Choice: The Best of Reason, the ripping good new anthology that pulls together the highlights of our past decade for just $19.95! Or buy a hardcover or paperback edition of Choice–"a book you need," says Kurt Loder (and he knows!) for low, low prices!

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  1. “less predictable and more interesting”; “an oasis of sharp writing”; “a fresh and nuanced antidote”…

    Yeah, and those are just the commenters.

  2. I think those blurbs could easily apply to the commenters. I gotta say, in contrast to Slate’s The Fray, the people who post responses on Reason do seem like a funnier, more tolerant, well… more reasonable lot, despite myriad differences of opinion. Heck, I could see some of the regular posters here hanging out in a bar, knocking back a few, with nary a sore word nor or a fistfight.

  3. E. Steven,
    You got a problem with fistfightin’?

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