But He's Not Calling Me Back … What Does it Mean?


If Europeans are from Venus, maybe Fidel Castro is from the varsity football team.

EU policy-makers will meet on Tuesday in Brussels to discuss whether to stop inviting dissidents to National Day receptions in Havana, a practice that so incensed the Cuban government it shut its doors to European diplomats.

Spain and Britain believe the diplomatic freeze, in which ambassadors are shunned and telephone calls are not returned, has led to a dead-end that runs counter to EU interests in Cuba.

Central European governments, who actually show some backbone at their Havana embassies, are opposing the initiative.

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  1. Germany and the Netherlands, as well as several new members from Central Europe that lived under Soviet communism, oppose changes in policy without an improvement in Cuba’s rights record.


    When did the Netherlands become part of “Central Europe?”

  2. …as well as…new memebers from Central Europe….

    It’s a poor man’s conjunction. It’s Germany and the Netherlands (from Western Europe) in addition to those upstarts from Central Europe.

  3. I’m pretty sure Germany is part of MittelEuropa.

  4. “The former eastern bloc countries are saying: ‘Forget about it. We know how these people work and you will get nowhere,'” said one diplomat.

    I’m inclined to agree with them.

  5. Wow, could it mean that Matt Welch has a bias? 🙂 No way.


    Germany is part of Central Europe.

  6. Also, the fact that Germany, the Netherlands, etc., oppose the Anglo-Spanish move means that the Anglo-Spanish move is dead in the water (at least as far as the EU concerned). Does this mean that its the UK which is alienating the rest of Europe now? 🙂

  7. “Does this mean that its the UK which is alienating the rest of Europe now?”

    And what is Spain, then — chopped liver?

    jason, your anti-hispanic bias is showing.

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