Reason-a-Go-Go (Two Shows Weekly and Veiled Subscription Pitch)


Reason events in NYC this week include:

Tonight, November 10, 8PM

The Columbia College Libertarians present
Nick Gillespie talking on
The Perpetual Meaning Machine: Pop Culture and Its Discontents

(A rollicking talk about cultural appropriation, misappropriation and reappropriation–with slides!)

Columbia University Law School
Jerome Greene Hall, Room 102
West 116th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive

For more info, contact Marco Zappacosta at or 646 522 6472.

Friday, November 12, 7-9PM

Celebrate the publication of Choice: The Best of Reason by spending

An Evening with Reason Magazine
Greenwich Village Barnes & Noble
396 Ave of the Americas at 8th Street

Featuring Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief of Reason and editor of Choice; Brian Doherty, senior editor of Reason and author of This Is Burning Man; and Joe Bob Briggs, contributor to Choice and author of Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History!

Moderated by Joe Garden, staff writer for The Onion and coauthor Citizen You: Helping Your Government Help Itself.

If you haven't bought a copy of Choice: The Best of Reason yet, what are you waiting for? $19.95 will net you a year's worth of the magazine and a softcover copy of the collection that's been called "a must read for all rational thinkers who seek an honest take on the issues of our time" by Court TV's Catherine Crier.

And if you've bought only one copy so far, remember the holidays are coming and the book makes a great gift idea–especially for the hard-core conservatives and ultra-lefties in your life, both of whom will be bothered unto distraction by Reason's uniquely libertarian take on politics, culture, and idea. Go here for more details on how to buy Choice and how to subscribe to Reason.

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  1. Come to Dartmouth as long as you going Ivy League.

  2. If you go to, they are selling it for $15.72 and you can pick up used copies for even less ($9.00 range).

  3. Nick,

    Also, until you come out with a web version of the magazine that one has to subscribe to, I would never buy your magazine. It has nothing to do with your magazine specifically, its just don’t want magazines junking up my house or something else I have to recycle.

  4. Jason,

    I would not go to Dartmouth unless I had an unnatural attraction to sheep. I would recommend a small university in central New Jersey.

    More on point, can we get something closer to Barstow, CA? I’m not talking about “down the hill” in Los Angeles. That’s too damn far.

  5. Fabius Cunctator,

    It just happens to be the Ivy League school closest to me. Heck, if they want to the Borders in West Lebanon, NH that would be great too!

  6. When are y’all coming to Michigan?

  7. Columbia Law School is not too far from my apt. in Harlem, if anyone would like to have a beer and/or admire my gun collection. Call my mobile as the event ends, I’ll probably be in the back with my lawyer / investment banker homies. (718) 810-4598.

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