A Small Piece of Good News


Last year XM and Sirius, America's two satellite-radio companies, announced plans to offer geographically specific weather and traffic reports as well as nationwide programs. The National Association of Broadcasters objected strenuously, since this would undercut one of its advantages when competing for listeners. After XM rolled out the new service in March, the trade group filed a petition with the FCC to stop it.

This week the broadcasters withdrew their petition.

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  1. …and deliver us from competition…

  2. Further indication that the worst enemy of free enterprise is big business.

  3. Business (big or small), or the government that has the power to grant special favors and regulate competition? While I don’t like it when businesses get special treatment (in this form or things like stadiums), can’t say that I blame them for using the tools available. The root of the problem is the regulatory structure that can enforce arbitrary rules and stifle the working of the market place.

  4. can’t say that I blame them for using the tools available.

    I have this crowbar, and I like my neighbor’s TV. You can’t blame me for using the tools available to pry open their back door, right?

    I *can* and *do* blame them for using the tools available.

  5. Sorry. This is OT, but CNBC just reported that Bush appointed Alberto Gonzales to be AG. Doesn’t sound like good news as he is reported to be a “hard-liner”, favoring Ashcroft policies.

  6. Sure, Karl, absolutely. But who creates and supports those regulatory structures? Largely the big businesses that enjoy the barriers-to-entry that they create. The regulatory state is a creation of big business, not vice versa.

  7. Rick Barton,

    Expect more of a “war on porn,” etc.

  8. The fault lies within the neither government nor large corporations. It is we, which has empowered the corrupt bastards.

  9. Mike,

    Great comment.

  10. Jason Bourne,

    Oh yeah, that too. I was just thinking about the “War on Terror”.

  11. Karl,

    Big business played the chief role in creating the regulatory state. They aren’t passive beneficiaries of big government, or making the best of a situation beyond their control.

    Big government is a tool in their hand. As Roy Childs, liberal intellectuals have been the running dogs for big business.

  12. That’s not what joe says.

  13. “Further indication that the worst enemy of free enterprise is big business.”

    If there wasn’t an FCC for them to go whining to, Big Business would just have to compete like anyone else. The state is the problem here, government regulation isn’t a natural resource to fairly exploit.

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