Reproach and everlasting shame sit mocking in our plumes


As promised, the saving grace of a Bush re-election would be that you get to enjoy plenty of long faces. Current headlines from the front page of Salon:

What do we do now?
Politicos, academics and artists—Huffington, Paglia, Lamott, McInerney, Moby and more—respond to the prospect of four more years of Bush

Table Talk
What are your predictions for the next four years?

Why Bush won: It's pretty simple, really—Kerry was a poor candidate
By Farhad Manjoo

Bush, God and the Democrats: This country isn't secular or rational. And if the Dems want to win, they can't be either
By Edgar Rivera Colon

Forget the "heartland": A Kerry volunteer says Dems aren't latte-drinking snobs—and they don't need to "reach out" to red state reactionaries
By Janet Sullivan

Let's get real: Salon readers confront the realities of George W. Bush's America

Sidney Blumenthal: Winning on fear itself, the GOP is ready to take the country even farther right

So you want to move to Canada? All you need to know about becoming a legal resident. Tip No. 1: Brush up on the prairie provinces
By Kevin Berger

The win that wasn't: For a few golden hours on Tuesday night, John Kerry smelled victory. But as he watched the map get redder and Ohio slip out of reach, he was forced to accept the inevitable
By Tim Grieve

Lose the old playbook, get some balls: The "black young'n" who predicted a blowout by Kerry explains where he and his fellow liberals went wrong—and how to prevent it from happening again
By Kevin Criss

The shape of a second term: Guardian writers look at what Bush's reenergized agenda will mean for America and the rest of the world
By Suzanne Goldenberg et al.

King Kaufman's Sports Daily is on vacation

Andrew Leonard: The Internet makes it easy to find people we agree with. After Election Day 2004, maybe it's time to kick that habit

Waking up with the election blues: Liberal Britons hear the crushing news and begin swapping e-mails about how miserable they feel
By Emma Brockes

The Fix: Survival manual for Bush's next term; did Paris Hilton help Bush? Nick and Jessica: The state of our union is strong!

Scott Rosenberg: Democrats need to learn from their mistakes—but they don't need to buy into talk of a Bush "mandate"
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Waiting to vote: The long lines at polling stations in Ohio and elsewhere were outrageous—it was a miracle voters didn't give up
By James K. Galbraith

One of the most depressing parties in history: Harvey Weinstein's Election Night event in New York wasn't quite the bash he'd hoped it would be. But some of his guests had a good time
By Rebecca Traister

GOP increases hold on the Senate: Colorado's Ken Salazar is the sole survivor. Minority leader Tom Daschle loses in South Dakota as Republicans pick up seats.
By Jeff Horwitz

News that's not fake enough: At "The Daily Show" election party, the comedy that helped us through the last four years can't quite mask the sadness
By Priya Jain and Corrie Pikul