Why Every Vote Should Not Be Counted


Look, this is not very hard. In Ohio, you have a certain Bush lead and certain number of provisional ballots. Once you determine how many of those p-ballots are, in fact, valid ballots per the laws of the state, you look at that number. If that number is smaller that the amount of the Bush lead, you do not have to count any of them.

If the number is, in fact, larger, then you start counting. But you would stop counting if and when you get to the point at which the number of remaining ballots falls below the amount of the Bush lead. When it becomes absolutely impossible for Kerry to overtake Bush, you stop counting and declare Bush the winner.

This is what happens routinely in recounts for dog catcher or city councilman around the country. The goal is to put the right person in office, not make some fetish out of counting things.