Voter Disclosure


I won't follow Tim's lead and reconstruct my whole ballot, but here's the high points:

1. I voted Badnarik for president. But I wasn't happy about it.

2. Some of you may recall me saying that I might write in Elmer Fudd. Well, he got my vote for either mayor or city comptroller, I don't remember which.

3. There weren't any other Libs on the ballot, so I voted for one Constitution Party candidate and two Greens.

4. I voted against a measure to rename Baltimore's Department of Personnel the "Department of Human Resources." I hate the phrase "human resources."

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  1. Constitution Party? I admit to occasionally voting for an independent I don’t agree with just to protest, but I read their platform this summer and they are basically the Christian Theocracy Party. I’m not judging, but for me even casting a protest vote for them is little too creepy.

  2. He was completely nuts on immigration — said he wanted to make the northern and southern borders a “DMZ” — but otherwise seemed to be a charmingly cranky free-market conservative, which was better than the alternatives. If I can vote for a couple of Greens, I can vote for him.

  3. You could always do what I do, if none of the candidates for office are palatable: vote for yourself as a write-in. In Connecticut, anyway, if you want it to count, it requires a little advanced planning and a form filed with the Secretary of the State’s office “registering” yourself as a write-in. Having done this, though, votes for you have to be included in the official count, and you can send a clear signal that, “I think I could do a better job as [State Rep / Mayor / Dogcatcher] than any of you jokers.” (Mine can be found here and here for instance.)


  4. In two uncontested local races, I wrote in the owner of one of my favorite barbecue joints.

  5. I voted for Kerry in NH. There was only one Libertarian on the ballot – a state rep. Badnarik wasn’t on. Free State Project my ass.

    A BALLOT MEASURE to change Personnel into Human Resources? What does it take for them to hold an office football pool, a Constitutional amendment?

  6. You know, Jesse, I’d have figured you’d like the term “human resources” in a government context. It’s got a Soylent Green kind of honesty to it if you think about it.

  7. Couldn’t bring yourself to vote for Barbara Mikulski? She’s “100% Maryland!” Her acceptance speech was rather inane, talking about how ‘blue’ Maryland is. Maybe PG and Baltimore City, but it gets distinctly more pale the farther away you get from there.

  8. I will not give up untill I hear Mr. Fudd`s concession speach.Then I`ll leave the country.

    That`s all folks!

  9. 3. There weren’t any other Libs on the ballot, so I voted for one Constitution Party candidate and two Greens.

    Geezuss Aitch Kryst Jesse. Why not write in for Hitler and Stalin while you’re at it.

  10. I voted for Badnarik too but, inspired by your suggestion, wrote in Fudd for Congress. Voting was pretty fun here because I had the chance to be on the winning side as I voted against several tax increases in Alabama.

    A Bush victory has one small possible advantage. It might slightly help the movement on campuses against speech codes, a big issue for me here.

  11. Why not write in for Hitler and Stalin while you’re at it.

    My memory’s hazy, but I think I did write in Stalin once…

  12. Jesse my man, good job (can you tell I have kids?).

    I hate the term “human resources” almost as much as I hate the term “caregiver”.

  13. That’s a pretty rosy assessment Matt. Take another look without the tinted lenses.

  14. oops, wrong thread sorry

  15. reflexively voted against both proposed Virginia constitutional amendments. unfortunately, my fellow citizens voted for both of ’em at rates of 85 and 87 percent respectively. c’mon folks. at least read these things first.

    in district 5, it was a battle of Goode versus Weed for the rep slot (and yes, they were each assigned to the party you’d expect) but Goode triumphed in the end.

    Went with the Independent Hurysz in my district but alas, he was roundly spanked, with only 3.10%. sorry JT, i did what i could.

    if any of ya’ll happened to be in reston yesterday, that was me who threw up 4 times immediately after walking out of the elementary school. sorry about that. got that flu/sinus thing that’s going around. it was a helluva battle, but i kept it all down till i got outside. At least i didn’t leave it in the middle of that concentric-circle/spiral shaped line they had there. THAT woulda pummelled the voter turnout statistics….

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