Temperance in All Things, Including Voting


With the race for first place wrapping up, the race for last place is winding down too. With less than 200 votes, Earl Dodge of the Prohibition Party seems to have been outpolled by everyone else with ballot status, and perhaps by Daffy Duck as well.

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  1. I’ll drink to that.

  2. This election is enough to keep me from getting sober for the next four years.

    Looking for the silver lining… The Libertarian candidate received more votes that all other third party candidates combined (Nader counted as independent ‘cult of personality’ candidate this time around)

  3. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union is still alive and well. Not sure how many dues-paying members they have…

    “That I may give my best service to home and country, I promise, God helping me, not to buy, drink, sell, or give alcoholic liquors while I live. From other drugs and tobacco I’ll abstain, and never take God’s name in vain.”

    Jesus H. Christ!

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