Celeb Exodus May Begin (All Praise Bush!)


Remember the ultimate selling point for Bush in 2000?: The promise by Alec Baldwin, David Crosby, Pierre Salinger and a passel of other dwarf stars to leave America 4ever if Bushitler was (s)elected to the White House? If you don't, go here.

And if you do remember that ultra-deep-cover gambit by the GOP, go directly to this National Post story, which suggests–with all the sly, wily indirection that Canadians are famous for–that Robert Redford is looking to move to Ireland to escape a second Bush term. Sadly, the only other celeb mentioned in the story–and the only one to claim he may possibly move–is someone named Steve Crawford.

President Bush, I know we don't agree on anything other than tax cuts (and even on those you were a big pussy). But if you can get the Great Waldo Pepper to fly off for good, I'll promise not to leak word of your secret plan to create a Haliburton-financed theocracy in Rhode Island.