Zogby's Last Call: 311-213, Kerry


Yet with Bush winning the popular vote. Prediction here.

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  1. looks like zogby’s zapped

  2. I totally discount Zogby’s Electoral vote count since it is conducted in a very shady format over the internet. His popular vote is still solid gold though.

  3. Afterwards, hilarity ensues.

  4. Part of me hope this pans out just so I can watch Democrats suddenly fall in love with the electoral college and Republicans bemoan the lack of one-man-one-vote.

  5. If this is true, the electoral college is deader than disco. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that this gets through Congress and the State legislatures in lighting time. How fast? Well, before VA and NJ choose up governors and my hometown (NYC) chooses a mayor.

  6. Yeah let’s do away with the EC so we can recount every single vote in the whole US of A in a tight race that will be MUCH better

  7. Zogby’s wacky, and the Electoral College isn’t going anywhere. Unless you think politicians in all those small-in-population states are going to make their states irrelevant in future Presidential elections.

  8. I think it might be time to congratulate joe, the exit polls are looking good for Kerry.

  9. The exit polls looked good for Gore in 2000.

  10. Move every ZOGBY! For great justice!!!

  11. Zogby

    I just like saying it.

  12. Election giddiness…catch it.

  13. Shannon, I promise to continue to loathe the EC no matter what. The EC/Popular Vote split last time didn’t make Bush’s victory illegitimate.

    The shennanigans in Florida made Bush’s victory illegitimate.

    If there had been no EC last time…the campaign would have unfolded completely differently, the candidates would have adopted different tactics, and who knows what would have happened.

    Sort of like if there had been no Perot in 1992. You can’t just cross out one variable like that and pretend everything else would have worked out the same. Changing one detail in history could…ok, I’ll stop, this isn’t “Enterprise.”

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