Rudy Giuliani Loses His Head


A couple hours of watching CNN and Fox News finally pay off with this revelation:

Larry King: You have worked your head off for Bush. You have gone everywhere. What do you think so far? What is it?

Rudolph Giuliani: I think the president can win this election.

King: Or can lose it.

Giuliani: Yes, absolutely. He can win it or lose it; there's no question about it.

NEXT: Framer Theory?

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, but Rudy overlooked the everpresent possibility of a tie.

  2. And they get paid how much for this inane blather? He could win it or he could lose it? Well, how about Kerry. Yes, definitely. He could win it, or lose it, as well. There you have it, folks.

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