25 Years Ago in Reason


"To ease the suffering of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, California doctors may now use marijuana as part of the treatment process. California becomes the 14th state to enact such a measure."

— Robert Poole Jr., "Trends"

"Should the taxpayers—or concerned supporters—put up with anything in the name of Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers? Should they countenance deception? UFW officials, with Chavez's signed approval, said there are Campesino Centers; the ones that actually exist are union hiring halls….They said the credit union makes loans at one percent; it makes loans at 12 percent….Isn't it clear that fraud is involved?"

— Patty Newman, "Who's Bankrolling the UFW?"

"Pres. Jimmy Carter, following in the footsteps of popular 20th-century statesman Winston Churchill, has offered America one-third of the famous 'blood, sweat, and tears' combination. As a result of his majesty's executive order for a 78-degree minimum on the summertime thermostats of all commercial and public buildings…1979 has been dubbed the year of the 'long, hot, 5-day-pad summer.'"

— Thomas Hazlett, "Brickbats"