Twice in the last two weeks, Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has limped out to the mound, dislocated ankle tendon literally held together by threads, and pitched his team to gritty victory through his bloody red sock.

Today, Schilling cancelled a scheduled meeting with his favorite candidate for president, George Bush. Why? Sore ankle.


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  1. Sore ankle my foot. If his Doctor told him he cant travel, why was he in Florida endorsing Bush? Sounds more like this is on advice from his publicist, considering where most Boston fans fall politically.

  2. I expect Josh has it about right. Or maybe Curt didn’t want to be a Bruce Springsteen, who knows?

  3. Probably because he realizes that he’ll be bashed by the people who criticize celebrities for voicing an opinion.

  4. Kurt Shilling could fellate Bush onstage at a Hitler Youth rally, and he’d still be welcome in this Massachusetts liberal’s house. No dice, Josh.

  5. Deron is exactly correct. Schilling said as much in a statement, that it was inappropriate to make his opinion known beyond what he already said on GMA.

    One more reason to like the guy. Nasty stuff does not qualify Schilling to tell people how to vote.

  6. After he’s finished, joe, maybe he’ll explain to you how his name is spelled.

  7. It’s actually too bad for Bush. Pitching with the bloody sock, limping over to first on that play, is exactly the real man imagery Bush is trying to convey.

    Looks like Shrub got all his lucky days early on, because this past week, he can’t catch a break.

  8. As Howard Eskin used to say, “That’s just Schill bein’ Schill.”

  9. “One more reason to like the guy. Nasty stuff does not qualify Schilling to tell people how to vote.”

    Kinda sucks though. Hollywood and musicians don’t seem to have a problem stumping for the Democrat of the day, no matter who he is. I think it is at least tragic-funny when elephants fire back with a pop appeal of some sort.

  10. Josh, As a die hard Red Sox Fan and a tenuous Kerry supporter I can tell you it doesnt diminish my admiration of Schilling one bit for his endorsement of Bush.

  11. Good thing he cancelled, apparently there’s been a bit of a confetti faux pas at the Bush NH stop. From Drudge:

    “BUSH EVENT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Event workers had been told to fire off confetti pods when Bush said, ‘God Bless’… his normal closing line. But 5 minutes before the end of his speech, Bush offered a “God Bless” to Arlene Howard, mother of George Howard a Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Police Officer killed in the World Trade Center… BLAM!!!!! Everyone first ducked — hard — then looked up to see confetti falling. Bush looked momentarily stunned, then plain unhappy, then just went on with his speech as the confetti rained to the floor of the Verizon Wireless Arena… Developing…”

  12. Josh,

    If you were in any of New England’s media markets, you’d get the joke behind the alternate spelling.

    Ford Trucks, Dunkin Donuts…

  13. I wonder if Bush’s campaign didn’t quietly ask him to take a seat, out of concern that his appearance might turn off Cardinals fans. Missouri is going towards Bush, but not so safe he can afford a big dropoff, and I understand people in surrounding states that lack their own team – Arkansas for example – often root for the Red Birds.

  14. “While I hope to see him re-elected, it’s not my place, nor the time for me to offer up my political opinions unsolicited.”

    The dude already endorsed the president on national television, so that can’t be the reason.

    Nice little hypocritical jab there too.

    The Red Sox obviously put the clamp down.

  15. The Cornerites seem quite upset about Schilling not shilling. Looks like celebs are only idiots if they oppose Dear Leader.

    I doubt the Red Sox fans’ love or Bay State endorsements will be lacking even if he defecated on the Freedom Trail wearing a Dolphins jersey. Schilling is bigger than Jesus to Sawx fans.

  16. Curtis,

    What do you expect NASCAR drivers to say? I especially love the Hannity-esque ‘Bush is a GREAT AMERICAN’ line.

  17. What did I expect of the drivers? Nothing, really. I simply noted it. Is there something about them I should know? Would a word apply?

  18. Actually, I think the original reason is the most accurate. Baseball is vastly more important to the average American (and to baseball players!) than politics. It’s so important that even total strangers feel the need to come up to me on the street and start yakking about the Yankees, while I just smile and nod, not having a clue what they’re talking about.

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