Praising Us Violates IP!


Video game maker Nintendo is apparently waging a trademark crackdown against porn sites that make use of Nintendo characters. (I'm not going to think too hard about what exactly that entails.) Apparently, though, one of their lawyers got a little overzealous and sent a legal nastygram to the owners of the alternaporn site SuicideGirls. The reason? One member had listed Metroid and Zelda among his favorite video games on his profile page. To its credit, an embarassed Nintendo promptly apologized for the error and offered both SG and the user a free Nintendo system and game. (Hat tip: Boing Boing)

Addendum: While Nintendo actually deserves praise for so quickly recognizing this as a goof and making amends (unlike so many other TM holders), Penny Arcade's take is still pretty damn funny.