"You'll never live to see the election."


That's not just the sentence I recite hopefully to myself every morning. It's what 18-year-old Marine recruit Steven Scott Soper, of Lake Worth, Fla. told his girlfriend when she announced she was leaving him and voting for John Kerry. With my green Vulcan blood, I know little of the human heart, but I'm guessing the leaving him part had more to do with Soper's reaction than the voting for John Kerry part. Then again, a boy's first vote is always his most passionate. In any event, Soper, who is (or was) scheduled to join the USMC once he completes his GED, attempted a little early Florida vote suppression, holding girlfriend Stacey Silheira (who describes herself as "not especially political") hostage with a screwdriver and threatening to stab her in the neck. Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies, expressing a clear preference for the Democrat, tasered Soper into submission.

Which leaves only one question: Why are the media ignoring the Kerry supporters who threaten to kill their girlfriends?

Brief story (courtesy of Drudge), here. Better story (including the portentous lead: "Steven Soper liked his girlfriend, but authorities say he liked President Bush more.") here.