Kerry's Hait-Speech


Jeremy Lott looks inside John Kerry's Haiti policies, and sees a guy with worrying ideas about foreign policy and interventionism.


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  1. Kerry’s record is that of an opportunist who has no real conviction apart from serving his own interests.

  2. Curtis-

    And how is this any different from the other people to inhabit the Oval Office in the past 100 years?

  3. “Other people” were not traitors.

  4. ‘”Other people” were not traitors.’

    Sure they were! Some of them were liberals, and all liberals are traitors!

  5. thoreau: Huh? Teddy Roosevelt, for example, and John Kerry are birds of a feather?

  6. Kerry’s FP is probably going to be similar to Clinton’s ie more “humanitarian” interventions & done without UN approval at that ! I remember Matt Welch had a nice article on this several issues ago.

    Here is something on the unintended consequences of Clinton’s FP.

  7. “Kerry’s record is that of an opportunist who has no real conviction apart from serving his own interests.”

    Yes, surely John Kerry was motivated by sheer opportunism when he opposed the overthrow of Haiti’s democratically-elected president in a military coup, after spending his entire political life working for democracy, and against military juntas, in Latin America and the Carribean.

    You know, so he could appeal to that huge mass of swing voters, the Haitians.

  8. joe, if you find Kerry’s “positions” meaningful, so be it. I won’t criticise that. I’m just tired of trying to determine what he’s all about.

  9. P.J. O’Rourke’s firsthand account of one moment out of Kerry’s “entire political life working for democracy” is pretty damning stuff:

  10. P.J. O’Rourke’s article doesn’t show Kerry in his best “Bring.It.On!” mode, but Kerry was likely saving that act for later.

  11. How dare a Senator on a delicate international mission not turn rogue and start an intramural fight in front of the foreign press?!? That’s outrageous!

    And how dare he not offer the protection of the United States government, despite having no way of actually commanding the resources necessary to provide it?!?

    Kerry didn’t behave like a hero. Nor did any of the other members of the committee. Didn’t the description of Hoffel’s behavior – mouting the party line he was ordered to give, then blurting out what he really thought in an angry voice, suggest to you that the monitors weren’t able to do what they wanted to do? That’s what you get when the President of the United States sends a rookie Congressman overseas with orders to toe the line.

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