Prepare to meet your Duma


In another thread, Jason Bourne, man of many aliases, asks, "One wonders why y'all don't have a write-up about the Duma's vote regarding Kyoto."

I'm never one to keep one waiting for one minute longer than one deems necessary, so here one goes: Russia's Duma ratified the Kyoto Protocol on Friday.


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  1. Jason Bourne, man of many aliases

    What are you trying to say? You don’t mean… no…

  2. “We’ll toast the Duma with vodka tonight,” Greenpeace climate policy adviser Steve Sawyer said in a statement ahead of the expected vote in favor of the pact.

    Thank God for Vladimir Putin’s contempt for democracy.

    Rising global temperatures have been linked to extreme weather patterns, including droughts, flooding and rising sea levels which are seen by some as possible sparks for regional conflicts.

    Really? I’d love to see the evidence of that…

  3. I’ve just come from dizziness reading UK papers about Blair sucking up to Dubya when common sense would indicate he’d be sucking up to Kerry. (Labour equals Democrat)

    To understand now what Putin is plotting needs a PowerPoint with an organizational chart that makes Kerry’s US healthcare plan as simple as going from A to B.

    It’s way past time to kick the ol’ chessboard tossing pieces to the four winds.

  4. Michael Williams appears to have identified Putin’s underlying motivation here.

  5. Thanks Allen Glossen.
    Bottom line is Putin has a hard on for Kissinger-speak.
    Putin’s fighting past wars about like Rummy and Cheney.

  6. the reuters seems to have conveniently left out the concessions Russia got for holding out. Not only will the Russians not have to do ANYTHING to curtain emissions, but they get to TRADE emission credits and this will be a “source of income” for Russia!

    And EU countries apparently will look away from Putin’s exercise of power to deal with the Chechens, in return for Putin agreeing to Kyoto.

    China, which is the biggest polluter on Earth, won’t have to do anything about its pollution/emissions – but we all can sleep better now that Kyoto will save us from “The Day After Tomorrow” 🙂

  7. Relevant text provided by Reuters.

    They also believe Russia, whose smokestack industries have cut emissions by about 38 percent since the collapse of the Soviet Union, could earn billions of dollars by selling excess quotas for gas emissions to polluters abroad.

    The best way to comply with Kyoto is to export your reduction requirements to developing nations exempt from Kyoto reduction requirements. Kyoto is the most awesomely applicable treaty EVAR!

  8. Its Dumas not Duma. The word is French.

  9. Hard to say which of those previous two posts is more absurd.

  10. “Yooor Duuuuooooommmmaaa.”

    That’s how that sounded outloud when I said it, post-shroom consumption. Drrrrp… Jumble jumble, etc.

    Can I join your news crew?

    I can be like Sullum …But, well, you know… sans sensible taste and such… you know?

    Of course you do.

    [Back to doodling molecules.]

  11. Duma? As we say in M’waukee, “You betcha dupa!”


  12. Heard this bit on Min Public Radio’s Marketplace, maybe Thursday, about how Kyoto is going to be an economic boom that will propel participating economies past the old, inflexible economy of the US. It was economic illiteracy at its finest. The argument goes:

    1) Participating countries have a more developed market for trading carbon, and New York will never catch up with them without government mandates.

    2) Alternative energy technologies are under invested in the US because the government hasn’t made them requirements. You see, the regulation of the economy ALLOWS participating countries to make those investments profitably. The scope of the market for these technologies are only really understood by good European greenies. It is VAST I say! VAST!

    Egad …

  13. Is the actual room where the Duma meets called the Chamber of Duma? Do they have a chapel called the Temple of Duma?

  14. We’re all in trouble if they have a physician on call. No one can stop Doctor Duma!

    (apologies to Stan & Jack)

  15. “Duma baby, one more time …”

    — Britzny Spirsk

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