Child Abuse at the WaPost


Evidently adults are not expected to read the KidsPost, otherwise how to explain this junk:

Has your mom or dad ever lost a job? Or had to work an extra job to earn more money? Or told you that your family just can't afford the shoes or bike you want because they're too expensive? If lots of families are having those problems, that's one sign that the country's economy is not healthy.

Yes, kids, a sure sign the economy is in the shitter is your parents' refusal to buy you whatever you demand. You see, working for a living is a problem we have right now in America.

This mess eventually winds up as a Kerry ad, complete with the Kerry stump lines on jobs losses, the deficit, and tax cuts reproduced verbatim. Rocketing domestic spending is never mentioned.

Just because kids are kids doesn't mean you treat them like fucking morons. Or worse, empty vessels to fill with partisan, uber-state propaganda.


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  1. So … tax cuts are good for the economy?

  2. “Or worse, empty vessels to fill with partisan, uber-state propaganda.”

    I guess that would explain why America’s 8-to-12-year-olds picked Kerry in Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President Poll.” CURSE YOU LINDA ELLERBEE!!!

  3. Did anyone actually READ the article?

    I did and I agree with Jeff regarding Kerry’s use and find it both predictable and pathetic.

    But where do you see, “Yes, kids, a sure sign the economy is in the shitter is your parents refusal to buy you whatever you demand.”?

    That wasn’t the point and you know it. I didn’t find anything condescending to children (or anyone else).

    And while it might be mildly partisan, I wouldn’t classify it as “uber-state propaganda.”

    The one place where it does take a stand is in saying that the economy is in bad shape because of deficits and it lays that at the feet of one issue, Too Much Spending.

    Is the economy in the shitter? Depends on your perspective. I’m in Florida and we’re doing pretty well. But I’m keenly aware of certain economic realities.

    Since the deficit has been a MAJOR fiscally conservative complaint, how can you have a problem with an article that preaches economic common sense?

    And since the spending has been an example of bigger government, how can a libertarian object to a knock against it, even if the knock comes from a liberal.

    Sorry, but in this case, I think you’re way overreacting.

  4. Who cares if they are pandering to kids? When those kids get old enough to work and vote, they will be solidly in the libertarian mindset, since THEY will be the ones stuck paying for all the benefits that boomer farts put in place.

  5. The article was pretty balanced until the last paragraph, where it regurgitates the Kerry talking point about how the top 1% got 34% of the tax cuts — without mentioning that the top 1% also pay 30-40% of total income tax revenue.

    Native NYer,

    Not so sure I agree, judging by the current success of candidates who promise to give them the adult equivalents of new bikes and shoes.

  6. Tax cuts are great. If less is confiscated from my paycheck, I can spend more on food, clothing, shelter and beer. I can almost taste the first one now.

  7. “Or worse, empty vessels to fill with partisan, uber-state propaganda.”

    Throw an aluminum can in the trash in front of a 10 year old some time.

  8. Support the candidate that gets you a shiny new bike!

    They’ll do well in DC politics.

  9. The first paragraph of that piece was quite an attention getter – Do you want Nike’s on your parents’ WalMart budget? WELL…

    How about some reality training for the WaPo?

  10. What’s up with get-out-the-vote drives aimed at under-18s, anyway? Every time my kid watches ZOOM these days they have a PSA about how important your vote is (So tell your parents to vote!). I guess they’re betting that since these kids are too young to remember Election 2000, they’re the only ones who can still be fooled into thinking the vote actually means anything.

  11. Akria M. says, “I guess that would explain why America’s 8-to-12-year-olds picked Kerry in Nickelodeon’s ‘Kids Pick the President Poll.’ CURSE YOU LINDA ELLERBEE!!!”

    Another explanation is that kids were neither told, nor given the choice, of any candidates other than Kush or Berry.

    “Kids, one sign that you are reading propaganda is that the choices discussed in the article aren’t the same as the actual choices on your ballot…”

  12. Rock the Vote baby! Someone tell these kids your vote doesn’t matter anyways. (Electoral College)

  13. Uhm, ahhh… Dude, the skyrocketing domestic spending is the result of Credit Card Conservatives. been a while since Tax and Spend Liberals had any control over domestic spending.

  14. Akria,
    Damn, now I wish I’d forwarded to H&R that story I saw the other day about the kids’ poll and the election…there was a great quote (from one of the poll’s boosters!) about how this shows that kids and adults basically think the same way about politics, which says pretty much everything you need to know about American politics.

    But it’s all just part of the plan to indoctrinate them early, just like we do with the Drug War. Remember, kids, voting is the most important thing you can do! And Democrats and Republicans are the only choice!

    As for the WaPo article, while I found the whole thing mildly distasteful, I didn’t think it was that slanted, except for the fact that Kerry always seemed to get the last word in every exchange. As for the tax cut thing near the end, it’s true in a sense, but then your average newspaper reporter is probably too simple to do the math for himself and figure out that if Mr. X pays 100 times as much in taxes as Mr.Y, and each of them gets a 10% tax cut, then in absolute dollars, Mr. X is going to save 100 times as much as Mr. Y. (Duh.) It’s both “fair” and “slanted to the rich” depending on how you look at it.

  15. Kids are so bombarded with modern liberal bullshit where I live (DC), it’s unbelievable. It turns my stomac when my step-daughter spouts out some collectivist dogma when I know she is much more intelligent then that.

    Of course, if the Washington Times had a kids’ page, it would have them recite a national loyalty oath to the christian god and turn in their parents for smoking those “funny little cigarettes”.

  16. When I was young, I was hassled by my health teacher (late 70’s) for having long hair, he repeatedly showed us articles that documented how those of us males with long hair would develop breasts (really, I’m not joking) In my US history class, I was taught all about the modern evil japanese who were destroying america (read: unions). I don’t know, but if you think that article was “uber-state propaganda” Then I have to assume, you were born yesterday, oh at about (lets see what time was this posted?) 8:41.

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