Child Abuse at the WaPost


Evidently adults are not expected to read the KidsPost, otherwise how to explain this junk:

Has your mom or dad ever lost a job? Or had to work an extra job to earn more money? Or told you that your family just can't afford the shoes or bike you want because they're too expensive? If lots of families are having those problems, that's one sign that the country's economy is not healthy.

Yes, kids, a sure sign the economy is in the shitter is your parents' refusal to buy you whatever you demand. You see, working for a living is a problem we have right now in America.

This mess eventually winds up as a Kerry ad, complete with the Kerry stump lines on jobs losses, the deficit, and tax cuts reproduced verbatim. Rocketing domestic spending is never mentioned.

Just because kids are kids doesn't mean you treat them like fucking morons. Or worse, empty vessels to fill with partisan, uber-state propaganda.